Operating Sectors


The following industry sectors are a summary of which Sandor examines, has experience in, is interested in, or is currently active in. For a detailed explanation or current status list please contact us.

Transportation: In this current multi-faceted world of global trade; millions of companies worldwide export goods. Many companies need assistance to mange the time period between shipment and payment - Sandor is there to assist.

Logistics: From shipment tracking, automotive (part and vehicle) tracking, life tracking, or payment invoice tracking - almost any industry in logistics will be examined by Sandor.

Health Care: Globally the world has many areas of medical issues and opportunities. As this list is continually expanding please contact us if there is an industry you would like to discuss with us; we have experience in private medical care clinics, billings, account payable, accounts receivable and court and insurance facilitation. Having a significant amount of experience in these fields Sandor can review most options in this sector.

Insurance: From premium optimization, premium paying, escrow services, to the acquisition of life settlements; Sandor has the experience and the background knowledge to engage in almost any task no matter how simple or complex.

Manufacturing: If you are building almost any type of machine or device for export; please contact us to discuss how we may aid in the facilitation of the process of manufacture, export shipment, and/or receipt of payment – Sandor can assist.

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